Syrian Media Journalists Forum:
It is an informal media project that brings together a group of media activists and takes its activity as a nucleus to serve its members and organize them first, and then to serve the media field in general.

The Forum is not a monopoly of its members in terms of interest.
The Forum contradicts the idea of ​​official representation because it is a social artistic entity whose purpose is to serve the revolution and focus its activity on improving the reality of media work in addition to improve its image in the eyes of the people and refine this image through dozens of models of revolutionary media activists who have provided a lot.
They have been martyred, kidnapped, injured and abandoned from their homes.
In addition, it is aimed to mix the efforts of the members of the Forum technically to serve the objectives of the Forum and to help the members make any documentary achievement, training videos or any messages to the world.
The motto of this forum is always “Volunteer part of your experience to accomplish something that contributes to your revolution.”