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Introduction and definition:
Syrian Media Forum: It is an unofficial media project that brings together a group of activists in the media field and takes its activity as a starting kernel to serve its members and their organization first and then to serve the media field in general.
The forum is not exclusive to its members in terms of interest.
The forum contradicts the idea of official representation, as it is a social, technical entity whose purpose is to serve the revolution and focus its activity on improving the reality of media work and improving its image in the eyes of the people and refining this image with dozens of models for revolutionary media people who have presented, sacrificed, martyred, kidnapped, injured and abandoned, in addition to melting members ’efforts technically with what serves them and enables them to achieve documentary Or my training or sending messages to the world and the slogan for this forum is (volunteering part of your experience in order to accomplish something for your revolution).

What it is :
1- The project of the forum in general is not specific to its members and affiliates only, but it only represents its members and speaks only with their names, therefore it does not speak on behalf of a region or any bloc or any specific group or sect, but rather classifies its members into harmonious technical groups according to their experience and their field of work. Through specialized committees to plan and implement.
2- Its goals:
1 -The forum aims to gather media professionals in various technical fields in order to fuse all their efforts in a single crucible to serve them and serve the revolutionary media message, but this goal does not focus on quantity as much as it focuses on quality and field work.
2 -The supreme goal of the forum is to raise the message of the media in a sublime manner, therefore, it makes its priorities to consider the martyrs of the revolutionary media and its victims as members of pride who are honored to work for them and highlight their role through periodic and deliberate campaigns through the members ’participation in them through their committees and all of its place.
3 -Achieving translated film materials, albums, or sketches, and trying to communicate them to the world through a collective effort in which the regular members of the committees of their respective places participate.
4 -The Forum aims to be a school and role model in transparency and openness, as it makes all its activities open to all activists, whether affiliated or others, in a manner that enhances confidence, credibility, and sobriety, and the ability to vigorously engage in whatever matters to its members or martyrs and casualties of the revolutionary media.
5 -The forum also aims to create a chart of registered activists who want to work and try to develop their skills as they are technically lacking in what qualifies them to get a job opportunity and try to present their names with a CV ready to serve them in communicating their names and confronting them as a necessary priority, especially for the displaced or those affected by them.
6 -The Forum aims to develop the skills of new entrants in the field of media, embrace them, train them and guide them, including those not affiliated, and that this contributes to preventing any error, benefiting from the experience of the members of the forum and their belief in volunteer work in the service of the revolution .

The first Chapter

General Provisions:
1 -This system is called “the internal system of the Syrian Media Forum” and it will be enforced from the date of its approval by the General Assembly
2 -The introduction to the system related to its definition, definition of what it is and its goals is an integral part of it .

Chapter Two:

Chapter one

1 -Definition and organization
The Syrian Media Forum: It is an unofficial media body that
includes a group of workers in the revolutionary media field
with their names and technical competencies and distributes
them in harmonious technical committees, which makes them
work teams in every field and represents them all. Coordination
between the committees is an executive office that represents the forum and its president is called the Secretary General and his deputy is the secretary .. The Secretary-General: He is the elected representative of the Syrian Media Forum and is elected by the members of the forum through direct secret election and takes charge of coordination between the committees and representation of the assembly in all places required by his presence and putting projects and decisions to vote after studying them technically, in addition to being automatically running the forum and drawing its path after Member advice. Secretary: the deputy secretary general who carries out all his duties in his absence, in addition to helping him in the event of his presence, and he is considered an assistant to him, and he can be authorized with certain files by the Secretary General.
2 -Committees: The members of the Syrian Media Forum are divided into five committees, each of which organizes a group of technically harmonious members, enabling each committee to form a working group capable of accomplishing a specific task and with the smallest details and meeting competencies within it .
Each committee has a director who submits a monthly plan and report for the plan at the end of the month, so that it can continuously set goals.

Chapter Two
The committees in the forum and their functions :

A. Technical Committee:
It consists of five members headed by a director who nominate themselves who have technical expertise and are recommended by at least 10 members, and its tasks are as follows:
1 -Receiving, studying and submitting affiliation requests for sponsorship then sending the affiliation link to the affiliate member so that it can be added duly.
2 -Organizing, archiving, and confidentialing member data
3 -Managing identifiers and publishing what is referred to it by the Secretary General or from the design committees after the approval of the Secretary General
4 -Setting up links and managing the site if it is available.
5 -Training members wishing to develop their skills technically, assisting any members of the forum, and providing the necessary advice to other committees.
6 -Preparing a monthly report on the work of this committee, issuing an assessment of the reality of technical work in the forum, and putting forward a vision for the advancement and submitting it to the Secretary General.

B. The direction and Imaging Committee:
It consists of a number determined by the need and managed
by a member called a director, which handles the following:
1 -Providing a general photography project that can be accomplished by the members and a detailed study on what is required in consultation with the Design and Editorial Committee.
2 -Photocopying the agreed reports or promises.
3 -Preparing a plan for developing the efforts of members in the field of photography and studying the possibility of developing the efforts of unaffiliated if possible.
4 -Submit a plan for the beginning of the month and a feasibility study for the end of the month.
5 -Archive the pictorial materials

C. The Design and Editing Committee:
It consists of all members interested in design and Monterey who wish to work and are under the management of a member called a director and undertakes the following :
1 -Proposing and completing designs periodically to serve the media profession, its martyrs, and its mission and sending it to the Technical Committee for publication through the Secretary.
2 -Providing a team to prepare and produce what is approved from film materials.
3 -Bringing ideas for films, programs and promo in agreement with the photography committee.
4 -Prepare a monthly report

D. The Public Relations Committee:
It consists of 3 to 5 members familiar with communication skills, the committee is permanently chaired by the SecretaryGeneral and handles the following:
1 -Providing a comprehensive communication plan with the organizations, departments and donors with all that serves the forum and in the interest of the members.
2 -Arranging meetings with organizations and interested parties to present projects prepared by the Projects Committee
3 -Facilitating the members ’mission through communication to solve their problems, whether related to the work of the forum or their own work.
4- Submit a monthly plan and a monthly final report.

The Projects Preparation and Study Committee:
It consists of an unlimited number of members provided that there is technical expertise, competence and desire headed by a member and its aim is to transform the proposals and projects of the members presented after transferring them from the Secretary General to an integrated technical study .
In addition to a detailed monthly study on the reality of the forum, committees and the secretariat, it is a research committee concerned with everything that would develop the work of the forum

E. The Archive Committee:
It consists of one or more members depending on the need and
the nature of the work
Anyone who preserves the work of the forum, its members, or
its designs, and the archive office is considered a primary, to
which all committees are referred to, to perform their
archiving, preservation and numbering.
The archives office is also responsible for providing all the
working bodies with the activities requested by the SecretaryGeneral of the forum activities.
The archive office is attached to the technical organizational
committee, and it is fully governed by its working system,
including its affiliation with the director of the committee.
Archives office business does not include member and selfmanaged data.
F. The Media Work Martyrs Committee:
1 -It consists of five members and undertakes on a daily, periodic or weekly basis, according to the work plan, to remind the martyrs of the media work and prepare special designs for each of them to perpetuate their lives and remember their sacrifices.
2 -The committee is managed by a member named manager and is responsible for preparing a monthly business plan and report
3 -Preference for admission to the committee for females or equally, taking into account the competence and ability to search and work full time
4 -Self-assignment to the martyrs committee, which undertakes the assessment and study of the status of the families of the martyrs, and refers the file to the projects committee empowered to offer what is appropriate.
5 -The martyrs committee shall not have any activity outside the framework of the forum. It is not represented by its director except within the forum administration and it is exclusively related to public relations.
6 -The Martyrs Committee provides a monthly and one-third annual report on its activities that includes identifying the active member.
7 -The selection of members takes into consideration the diversity of the governorate to which the member belongs.

G. The Financial Office
Introduction and general provisions:
The policy of institutional work and organization of the administrative organization always requires that the building of the institution and its legal person be independent of everything from its constituent persons.
Since the Syrian Media Forum follows the same path to be an independent institution with a legal entity independent of its affiliated persons, the emerging institution must have an independent financial liability that enriches and condemns independently, and the liability of the institution’s financial liability in the event of indebtedness is a joint liability. Based on the above, the financial office of the forum is
organized according to the following:
1 -The financial office of the Syrian Media Forum is responsible for managing all financial affairs of the forum.
2 -The office consists of 3 members headed by a director.
3 -The members of the office are chosen by the SecretaryGeneral based on the proposal of the Organizational Committee, and the names of the office are submitted for approval by the active members.
4 -The term of the financial office session shall be 6 months, renewable according to the same appointment procedures.
5 -The Financial Office shall assume the powers of the Secretary of the Technical and Technical Committee in relation to the preservation and management of gifts and funds mentioned in the fifth paragraph of Chapter Three of the general regulatory provisions in the internal system of the Syrian Media Forum.
6 -Decisions to exchange any amount, invoice, or acceptance of a gift are subject to a decision by the Secretary General.
7 -The financial office is responsible for following up and submitting invoices for any work carried out or followed by the Syrian Media Forum.
8 -The financial session of the office is four months, ending with the end of the Secretariat’s mandate, where the office undertakes to submit a statement of the new secretariat that it presents to the General Assembly, whether it is rich or indebted. “Provide a financial fund or break bills”.
9 – The financial office does not have any quality outside the forum, and its manager is not represented in this capacity outside the forum.

Chapter Three

Membership and affiliation

3 -Membership:
Its terms
A- Membership is open to every Syrian .
B- Media work is practiced in its various forms, such as television presentation, preparing reports, writing and editing articles, caricature, design or photography, and others who are identified by the worker as a journalist with the possibility of accepting those who perform artistic works for the forum outside of Syria.
B – Practicing media work for a period of at least one year before the date of affiliation and proving his work with links
C- Submit an affiliate form including approval of, and respect for the bylaw, and pledge to pay the fee .
D. That it be recommended from 3 former associate members and that this sponsorship does not conflict with a justified objection of any member for objective reasons related to professionalism or ethics. An independent committee, to be formed by the Secretary-General, considers the new members separately .

Chapter II
Election and Candidacy
1 – All members of the General Assembly who have passed since the date they “entered” the Syrian Media Forum two months have the right to elect the Secretary-General and the Secretary and vote for the technical committee and to accept or object to new members according to the rules of procedure in addition to exercising the full rights conferred upon it by the forum as a member of the General Authority.
2 -The right to vote is suspended if two consecutive monthly reports are issued to the committee to which the member is affiliated .
The Secretariats and the Secretariat are two honorary representatives of the Forum, and their work is in coordination and batch coordination, accordingly.
1 – All members of the General Assembly who have completed the 22 years at the time of candidacy are eligible to apply for the position of member of the two secretariats
2 -The candidate is required to fulfill the condition of participating in the committees and not to issue two consecutive monthly reports as ineffective in the forum or in his work committee.
3 -The candidate must not prove his absence from previous elections unjustified once. And his unjustified absence from two consecutive physical meetings.
4 -The applicant is required to fill in a form to be nominated for the technical committee that undertakes its study, confirmation and presentation to the General Assembly
5 -The candidate does not occupy any executive place in any media gathering at the moment of submitting the application.

The election mechanism
General Provisions
1 -The session of the General Secretariat, the Secret and the Presidency of Public Relations is one that begins and ends with the completion of 4 months from the date of assuming the Secretary-General, who becomes a ruling a week before the end of the mentioned period to the Chairman of a preparatory committee consisting of him and the Secretary and the Technical Committee, and announces in an internal statement the opening of candidacy for those who apply The technical committee has a secret candidacy request that will be published after ensuring its safety and compliance with the conditions, after which the number and names of candidates and their names will be announced and followed by setting a date for direct elections to be held in the presence of those who attended and confirmed the absence of those who could not be excused and those who were not unable to the committee. Then, the votes can be counted and the technical committee informed about the announcement of the Secretary-General and his deputy.

Chapter Four

General regulatory provisions
1 -The Secretary of the Syrian Media Forum addresses all
official and other bodies in this capacity in relation to the work
of the forum and has the right to receive, agree and reject on
behalf of the forum and decide on everything that would be of
interest to the forum and he may return to the General Authority with important decisions and he may limit himself to the advice of a specific committee according to the interest of work and standards Transparency.
2 -The Secretary General prepares a vision for his secretariat’s term and what he aspires to implement during this period. He also prepares a final report for the technical committee that includes his evaluation of the committees and individuals.
3 -The Secretary-General is responsible for granting the Medal of an active member to a specific committee or to a specific member. The Secretary-General can assign specific actions or privileges to whoever holds the medal, especially the priority of benefiting, supervising, or implementing any project that comes from organizations .
4 -The Secretary-General has the power to form an evaluation committee for a member in the event that it is proven offensive to the revolution or the forum. The committee must submit recommendations to the Secretary-General who nominates a disciplinary committee of 5 individuals in each case separately and its decisions are binding..
5 -The Secretary and the Technical Committee shall manage and maintain the Forum’s fund and donations and grant organizations and projects, provided that any material amount is spent subject to the order or approval of the SecretaryGeneral.

Chapter Five

Amendment to the rules of procedure and voting rules
1 – All members of the General Assembly have the right to provide any advice or opinion, and the Secretary General may transfer the opinion to the relevant committee for its consideration. He may put it to the vote as it is considered binding if he obtains the majority of the votes of the voters.
2 -The decisions of the General Assembly are taken by an absolute majority of the +1 vote. Voters are counted. In case of a tie, the vote of the Secretary General is likely.
3 -Any member can submit any clause of the internal regulation of the amendment after 4 months from the date of approval, and the study of the amendment is considered binding if 10 members who accept their vote for the Secretary-General elections accept it. The Secretary shall study the amendment and put it to a vote, and in case he obtains an absolute majority, it shall be considered valid from its date. An exception to the benefit from the benefits of the amendment is the member who requested the amendment

Chapter Six

Final provisions and a comprehensive view
1 -There are no limits to the forum’s scope of work, as it cares
for the media in all its economic, social and cultural details and
directs its vision to help people in the liberated areas through
its media message that aims to highlight its suffering and
eliminate injustice. Therefore, it makes the forum itself a front
for any campaign that helps in achieving this goal .
2 – The Forum aims to put forward and implement projects related to the martyrs and injured media work morally and financially, and that is through its members, an additional voice for each voice that goes in this context.
3 -The forum is a spot of light for media reality, so it is keen on protecting its members, caring for them, developing their skills, and facilitating their activities .
4 -The Forum is keen on the global message, believing in this that what it cannot build it is established for it and what it cannot reach paves the way for it. Therefore, it is concerned, as a priority, to transfer the voice of the Syrians to the global bodies and provide the necessary voluntary work to serve the message of the revolution.
5 -The Forum takes transparency as a slogan and institutional work as a way to delve into all matters of media work and its mission.
6 -The Forum addresses all humanitarian agencies, civil institutions, organizations and unions at home and abroad to extend the hand of friendship and joint work within the limits of the forum’s activity and the service of humanitarian action
7- It also sets out among its priorities the establishment of a training and development center for media practitioners, and to boost their enthusiasm with efficiency and skill, which he proposed 4 months before its entry into force.

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