Why is #MyPenMyDream ?

Why is #MyPenMyDream ?

Months of massive military campaign has led to the worst wave bombing and displacement in northern Syria since the start of the revolution.
The educational process in the northern Syria was severely affected by these disastrous events.
At a time when the education sector requires more support, effort and expenses to cope with the disaster of the displacement of 200 thousand students from the rural areas of Idlib and Hama,
the northern Syria was shocked by the decision to completely stop the support for the educational sector.
As a result, thousands of students and teachers have been subjected to the worst conditions as the following:
1. Half a million students are threatened with deprivation of the right to education.
2. 10850 teachers are threatened with dropping out due to the absence of any financial entitlements.
3. 1,255 schools are threatened with suspension and closure owing to the lack of even operating expenses.
According to the fact that half a million students are without knowledge, this means killing a whole nation.
There is a necessity to cry for their name
In order to fund their education
Which is considered unknown fate right now .
For them we repeat

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